Company profile

We are a colthing industry in Drama, about 160km eastern of Thessaloniki.
For over 27 years in Greece, we have been producing jackets, dresses, sets, shirts, trousers and skirts with different types of fabric (silk, wool, cashmere, chiffon, etc.) for high quality garments for the European market.

Our production department is equipped with modern machines like:

-VEIT ironers
-Ironing presses
-DUERKOPP sleeves machine
-LIERSCH automatic overlock machine
-EWATEX machine for spin and iron collars
-Ironing Doll
-Topper (trousers ironing machine)
-Fusing machine Kannegiesser

and lots of other special machinery which allows us to have good quality and keep our prices competitive.

With our qualified staff and our good organization we ensure a high level of quality in our apparel.

The quality control at our production line is taken under by skilled employees in accordance with our clients' directions.

Some of our clients are:
Escada, Jobis, KS and at the moment Gerry Weber, Barbara Schwarzer and Badoo. Also in our client list you can find designers like: Joop, Louis Feraud, Makis Tselios and other popular greek designers, for whom we are producing high quality evening dresses.

We can also produce the first samples and the duplication of your collection here in Greece.

We are about 200km from Skopia away and 60km away from the Bulgarian border, so it is economical to import the goods from Bulgaria or Skopia. It could also be quick and easy for your inspectors to visit us here.

Pictures from the factory facility of ELVIEN